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RE: Cover Letter | Career History

Hello There;

So, what's the bottom-line? Are we going to help each other make money?!
I'll work hard to make and save you money and here are some ways I have helped others:

I've played strong roles in producing 3 entertainment dvds, 2 winning top industry awards.
My websites, link networks and up-date strategies brought reliable growth
and a continued fan-ship to our name and brand.

My organization, responsibility and dependability with office administration
-- including work with international accounts, gave room to the rest of the studio
for exclusive devotion to creativity, staying on budget, establishing credit and meeting deadlines.

Through traditional medias, I've illustrated: award winning art,
a 35 book early reading series (still in school libraries), a coloring book with educational resources
and drawings to support content for my websites.

Through digital medias :
I've also illustrated and co-produced educational and testing software for k - 12 interests,
I've built websites, supported their promotional campaigns,
built ads for online shops and newspaper classifieds,
produced fine art for print, cd-rom and 3d animation feature-length video dvds

My 30+ years as an illustrator/graphic artist and designer began with sign-making
then 5 years at a cutting-edge educational software company
advancing into a 10 year free-lance journey of illustration and design
and onto a 15 year digital-web 3d animation pioneering adventure.

I might be a good fit for web design work, debugging websites and offering consumer suggestions,
creating mature and fantasy video game play assets and environments,
designing characters and concepts, setting up photos and video for real estate or various other projects, or producing video for music, odd art or documentary projects.

Can't be stuck behind a computer for too long at a time
so, a job that offers some activity and an opportunity to interact with people, might work best.

Maybe, Helping the elderly with basic computer and internet skills,
helping teens with illustration, photo-manipulation and desktop publishing skills,
teaching life drawing skills, helping elementary kids with reading and basic math skills
or perhaps helping a busy professional or a feisty independent senior as a personal assistant.

Very open to learning and getting great at new things. Please review my Career History.

Looking forward to meeting you and to a future of service to an awesome project.


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